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    Used Arcade Games: Why, How Much and Where
    With Used Arcade Games you will be able to find top quality equipment for at least one half of the original price.

    1. Who Made It?
    2. How Old Is It?
    3. Condition
    4. Sense of Urgency
    5. Buying and Selling in Bulk
    6. Comparing
    7. Shipping Charges

    It is common knowledge that when buying anything second hand it will be cheaper and, "not as good as...". used arcade games may be the exception to that rule. With used arcade games, if you do your homework, you will be able to find top quality equipment for at least one half of the original price.

    Naturally, factors such as the manufacturer, the age of the equipment and the condition of such are all things that will affect the pricing one way or another. Other factors include the need of the seller to dispose of the equipment.

    Used arcade games may be sold individually or, in lots. There is no number limit for lot sales and these may range anywhere from 10 to "you name it". Once again, depending on the seller's sense of urgency, you may find great discounts when buying "in bulk". Other sources of sellers and buyers of bulk used arcade games are establishments such as Chuckie Cheese, who are smaller than the larger carnivals yet have a considerable amount of these games.

    How much will it cost you to ship is another factor which you must consider in the used arcade game purchasing equation. Modes of transportation, nationally, include truck, train or air, with air being the most expensive.

    Brokers are a great source of information and contacts regarding used arcade equipment. With literally hundreds of connections, nationally and internationally, they will help you find what you are looking for. Also, brokers are able to cop deals such as a "no packing charge" when purchasing a certain minimum number of these games.

    Who Made It?

    In the used amusement equipment business "who made it" may cost you a little more. There are many arcade equipment manufacturers out there. In the United States there are approximately 70. Internationally, there are THOUSANDS, with a great percentage coming from China. Who buys new? Obviously, somebody does or these companies would have gone out of business long ago. The larger "carnies" and amusement parks, state-run amusement facilities such as Six Flags and Busch Gardens - in other words, amusement corporations with a lot of money to spend! Not people like us.

    How Old Is It?

    You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the newer used amusement center equipment will be cheaper than an old one. The beauty of used arcade games is that sometimes, that does not matter! If the game you wish to purchase has been refurbished properly, by a company that specializes in this type of work, you may have found yourself a hidden jewel.


    The condition of the used arcade games is also a very important factor when it comes to pricing. There are the newer ones which may or may not cost you a little more. There are also owners who have kept up with the maintenance of their equipment and are offering excellent deals.

    Sense of Urgency

    These are hard time - for everybody. There may be sellers out there that need the case urgently for personal matters, such as a family illness, that will be willing to sell you their used arcade games cheaper than the market's going price.

    Brokers are an excellent source of locating used arcade games. They have hundreds of listings of fellow brokers, internationally. For a fee, or a percentage of the sale, they will find the game you are looking for. Brokers will also assist you in selling your used arcade games, as well as trade them in.

    Buying and Selling in Bulk

    There are several factors why anyone would want (or need) to buy or sell in bulk quantities. Firstly, it may be easier to dispose of the whole lot with the assistance of a broker. Secondly, a buyer may be establishing a new business and will need numerous used amusement park equipment, including used arcade games. It will be cheaper to buy these in bulk versus individually. Lastly, smaller quantities of games may be composed of the entire bulk and, bought or sold separately. Once again, the sense of urgency of the seller may be a strong determining factor regarding pricing.

    Depending on the seller, brokers may get the authorization, when selling in bulk quantities, to throw in special deals. Some may throw in "no packing charge" when you purchase a semi-load of equipment. Another popular deal is to offer a better discount when semi's and blankets are involved. Certain brokers are willing to offer a great discount on bulk sales of as little as 15 machines!


    Normally, a new arcade game will cost you anywhere between 4 to 6 thousand dollars, depending on the complexity. This also includes digital machines. You may also find new games, with basic "bells and whistles" for approximately $3500. On the other hand, you may purchase used arcade games for as little as $350, for games which have not been refurbished.

    Shipping Charges

    Paying the shipping charges of your used arcade games will differ depending on what mode of transportation you choose. Air transport will be the fastest yet, obviously, more expensive.

    Shipping charges will range anywhere from $200 to $450, with $350 appearing to be the magic number. There are companies that will waive the shipping charges and offer you "free shipping and handling, within the 48 Continental United States".

    When considering purchasing arcade equipment - be it for your den or a start-up business, the obvious choice is to check out the used arcade equipment market and, use save your money!


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